• Image of Temple Complex   'Self- Interest Behaviour' CD  Release
  • Image of Temple Complex   'Self- Interest Behaviour' CD  Release


Temple Complex is the brainchild of Joshua Lamdin. Josh has indulged in a intellectual solo creation and produced a quirky, refreshing and truly substantial release- his most immersive and compelling work to date.

Temple Complex is described as being a personal project of musical expression focused on experimentation, honesty, depth and progression.

'SELF INTEREST BEHAVIOUR’ reaches out and provides such emotion in a boundary breaking deliverance. The entire 8 track EP resonates in honesty and thrives in sentiment. Each track engages the listener with such diversity and character, from fast paced heavy instrumentation to sweeping arrangements, electronic to progressive rock, this EP has it all.

Track Listing

1. Moio

2. Dolmen

3. Anthrophocene

4. Orthodillox

5. Pocket Geography

6. Eat Flowers

7. Hound Son


The EP was written, recorded and produced by Joshua Lamdin between December 2013 and March 2015. Artwork by Naomi Lamdin.

Mastered by: Oli J Baldwin at J&J Studios

Additional Vocals contributed by: Daniel Garland, Sam Meehan and Aisling Trafford.